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Our motto: 'NO DO-OVERS'

Consulting To Improve The Ability to Service Computer Software: Delight Your Customers, and Reduce Your  Costs With More Reliable and more easily debugged, serviced and supported software.

All Platforms and Operating Systems are Included

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL: "NO DO-OVERS!" SOLVE  the problem the first time it occurs.
o Problems WILL OCCUR in even the best computer systems.
o Problems CAN be solved on their first occurrence
o BENEFITS for first-fault resolution are significant: faster service, improved uptime/availability,  and preventing the waste of resources (humand and machine) recreating problems.
o Organizations have UNUSED first-fault problem resolution facilities
o There are MANY PRODUCTS available to help an organization first be aware of the occurrence of a problem, and also help determine its 'root cause'.
o SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT facilities are available with several operating systems and platforms to create your own first fault facilities.
o Each software platform ("operating system") has DIFFERENT FEATURES AND CHARACTERISTICS regarding first-fault problem resolution.
o ASSESS your current attainment
o IMPLEMENT AND ASSESS improvements with you.
o CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE your organization with processes we jointly create.


This organization is devoted to the enhanced use of software pre-planning to solve a computer system problem on its first occurrence. People rely on computers more and more as critical components of an incredible variety of environments. The need to diagnose and fix (resolve) a computer problem on its FIRST occurrence is often urgent. Many, even seemingly small and inexpensive computers have become what formerly were called 'mission-critical' Enterprise Systems. But even organizations with systems which are NOT 'mission-critical' can benefit from more accurate and more rapid problem resolution.

Solving Unique Problems on Their First Occurrence
Our classical model is the airplane 'black-box', or data recorder. This has evolved over more than 70 years, and is a popularly accepted and dependable technology to resolve airplane crashes by its data alone. In the computer industry, the model was followed and continued, 45 years ago, by mainframe platforms ("operating systems"). Other tools can facilitate and often provide necessary, but not always sufficient information to resolve a computer problem on its first occurence.

Detecting problem occurrences and matching symptoms
The difference can be found in problem detection tools (let you know if a server is 'down') and problem matching/'screening' tools to match the symptoms of a current problem to the symptom and fix of a prior problem vs. detailed internal data to solve a new and unique problem on its first occurrence. Problem detection tools and screening tools are valuable, but what can be most valuable are tools that enable root-cause problem-solving.
You need all of these kinds of tools. We assist in the use of pre-existing tools,  and creation of new tools, with experience designing and using many kinds of software tools. In addition, we will guide systems design for first-fault serviceability capability.
Tool Capabilities
The list of products that 'monitor' a computer system for performance and/or reliability faults is very large - there are many such products. For workload imbalances, these tools are sufficient. But for complex internal problems, there are very few root-cause-solving products. We have a wide range of vendor products to point to for instances of these capabililties, but we have direct experience with many of them.

We provide advice, via consulting engagements. Our advice will facilitate understanding a particular organization's services and/or products, and making improvements to their current attainment. We will help organizations further exploit technology already present at their site, make investments in additional products, and help them develop improved first-fault problem resolution features and products, as each organization feels appropriate. We can benefit both end-user 'data-center' or system deployment organizations, and also software product developers - both types of organizations can benefit from improvement in their First Fault Problem Resolution capabilities. Our consulting engagements are customized, of course, but can include basic assessments such as first-fault problem resolution success (how many problems are resolved directly, vs. how many problems neeed further reproduction and additional 'instrumentation'). We can and have done "Availability studies" to find opportunities for improvement - these necessarily point to the value of improving speed and accuracy of that initial fault causing the "availability" problem.

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